Running with Palm Trees

Last weekend, my husband and I flew to Punta Cana for a work trip. I had never been before and very quickly realized it was paradise. Mid 80’s every day with an occasional cloud giving us relief from the gorgeous sunshine. The majority of the trip I spent in flip-flops or barefoot but I did manage to squeeze in two runs during the three-day visit. I was in awe of the tropical views and heat but I am not used to humidity so I ran to the gym and logged my miles on a treadmill then ran back to the room before heading to the beach! While I was there I had to show off my love for 131 Events and my SHE Power pride but I also completed my Commitment Challenge for the Honor the Brave 5k!

One of the things I love about 131 Events is how fun and creative their races are. On Memorial Day I am running the Honor the Brave 5k and I also signed up for the Commitment Challenge, committing to run at least a 5k every month, January through April, before the race in May. Each month earned a dog tag with a word – Commitment, Courage, Remember, and Honor to add to the Honor the Brave medal. Running those two days in paradise happened to be in different months (March and April) so I completed my challenge. These last two runs for me were ‘Remember’ and ‘Commitment’. The first day as I ran I choose to remember how blessed I was due to others sacrifices. And the second day I laced up and ran because I knew I had committed to this small challenge while others commit years of their lives to fight for our freedoms. It was small reminder to always be thankful to all of you who serve! Happy Running!