Running with a Problem

I’m going to let myself be vulnerable in this post. As I mentioned before, 5 years ago I hit my fastest time for a 5k. What I didn’t mention was I also was extremely unhealthy and used running to fuel that. I was obsessed about being thin, not healthy. I counted calories and when I would take my son out in the jogging stroller, it usually was my second run of the day. I was blinded by how unhealthy I was even after losing two pregnancies that previous year. I still didn’t see myself as unhealthy. I thought I was dedicated to being fit but obviously, I wasn’t.

From then… to now…











The morning after that 5k, I found out I was pregnant with our daughter and my perspective finally changed. Running will always be part of my life but I no longer for the scale. I now want to be an example to my kids by loving myself and being healthy while enjoying life. We all have struggles but my hope for everyone is that you live a healthy and balanced life!











I’m sharing this just as a reminder that no matter what size or shape you are, you are beautiful. No mater how fast or slow you are, you are an amazing runner. And, whether you run long distance or enjoy a 5k, you are perfect. Running should add to your life for your health and enjoyment. Obsessing over a size, time, or a distance will not determine your value. Happy Running!