Running with Mike

Running is a mental sport. It is easier to run with someone that will hold me accountable. My wonderful husband, Mike, isn’t that person. He is not a runner and will flat out tell you running is a punishment. Growing up he was a wrestler and played baseball. In both of those sports, when you messed up, you ran. I’m sure he thinks I’m crazy for choosing to run yet he supports every single race I sign up for and every long weekend run I do.

I sometimes feel guilty for taking a couple hours on a Saturday to run while Mike stays home with our kids. I argue with myself about getting out the door, which is the hardest part. Mike always encourages me to just go and I love him for that! I love that he sees how running is part of my lifestyle and always cheers me on. A couple years ago I ran a half marathon that was televised and he sent me a video of our kids watching the start trying to find me… that they managed to do! That meant the world to me and I appreciate him for that, more than he will ever know!

This past year, one of the Brew Haha 5k series landed on his birthday weekend. I managed to talk him into running it with Kim and I. He was such a trooper even though it rained the entire time. Kim and I lined up in the front of the pack and he hung out in the back of the crowd. Kim and finished, grabbed our beer, and waited for him. Once he was in view he ran like his life depended on it. I loved watching him sprint across the finish line. I was so proud of him for putting his dislike of running aside to run a 5k and join me on what I love! Now I just have to talk him into another! Hope you have cheerleader in your life supporting you too!

Happy Running!!