Running with a Christmas and New Years ‘Hangover’

Happy 2017. Once again it’s time for resolutions promising ourselves we will be more active, eat better, and so on. I’ve heard the gyms are packed and I saw more people running on the sidewalks in the past two days than I have in two months. My running partner, Kim, ran a 5k on New Years Day pushing her nephews in a stroller, which is no easy task. Another friend who is a self-proclaimed non-runner sent me a photo of herself after she rocked her first run of the year. I am so proud of both of them and anyone who is makes an effort to take care of themselves and yet, I am lacking motivation. So, what should my New Years resolution be?

I struggle in January. I feel like I have a Holiday hangover. I have been active all year and now I am burned out. The weather in Indiana is cold (and this year rainy). December was completely out of routine with the kids out of school, packing in family visits, hosting and attending holiday parties and going on mini family adventures leaving us with great memories but lack of sleep. Then there is the excessive amount of rich holiday foods and drinks that my body isn’t used to weighing me down. I tend to sabotage myself by comparing how I need a couple rest days to everyone I see attacking new goals and working out.

Instead of feeling defeated maybe my New Years Resolution should be not to feel guilty when needing a few rest days. Spending time with my family and missing a run or a workout is ok and sometimes necessary. I know I will be lacing up my shoes again so no need to beat myself up about it. Whether your new years resolution is fitness related or not, I hope you reach your goals this year and if you need a minute to catch your breathe, take it! Cheers to 2017 and Happy Running!