Running with Kids (Part 2)

I always try to be a good example for my kids. This past school year my son was in Kindergarten and had his first opportunity to run the Geist 5k with his school. My son is the most energetic and athletic child I have ever encountered. He is a natural at every sport he tries but hasn’t had to make much of a commitment to any of them… yet. When he brought the informational sheet home I thought this would be a great opportunity to show him he has to put in the work. We had a few months to train before the race.

I wanted him to do one run before we registered so he would know what to expect so we did a mile in our neighborhood. We had to stop and walk a couple times and he admitted it was hard. He asked me, “How do you run all those races?” – Commitment. I asked him if he wanted to register and he did. I was thrilled that he wanted to try a sport that I’m interested in. I wanted him to look up to me and know that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. When it was time to run more than a mile he wasn’t feeling it anymore because for the first time, it was hard. However, we made the commitment to race together. I was going to hold him accountable. No matter how many times we walked or how slow we were, we were going to finish it.

Race day came and we were ready finish what we started. I let him set the pace and he surprised me by running almost the entire 5k. My little guy finished his first ever 5k with a time of 36:26! Not only was I so proud of him, he was proud of himself. He finished what he stared. He stuck around even when it got hard. My little guy showed the type of commitment all of us runners do. That is what I am most proud of!

My next goal is to inspire my daughter. Hopefully she will be showing off some Little SHE Power soon. I hope she grows knowing she is strong, and like her brother, can accomplish anything she commits to. I hope she find confidence and believes in herself!

Happy Running!