Running with Kids (Part 1)

I’m running away… just kidding! Whether you have children, a hectic job, or life pulling you in multiple directions (or all of the above) we need a way to decompress. For me, staying home with my kids is one of the best gifts my husband has given me. I am truly thankful that my husband works so hard to support us and give me the opportunity to watch my kids grow and enjoy their small moments day to day.

I will never regret making the choice to stay home with my kids but some days are harder than others. Some days I don’t have much adult interaction. Some days my kiddos appear to be having a contest on who can be the messiest, loudest and most argumentative child. They really are great kids but they have their moments of pushing every last button. (They are 3 and 6years old) Constantly cleaning up, getting snacks hearing ’mommy’ a hundred times just to be asked random questions is exactly what I signed up for but it can leave me a little drained.

Taking time for myself refuels me and makes me a better mom and wife. It gives me more energy and clarity to take on my munchkin’s silly shenanigans. . For me, running is one of my favorite ‘me times.’ When I am submerged into the circus of my day-to-day life it can occasionally become overwhelming. It can leave me on edge and overlook the laughs right in front of me. Having a half hour to blow off some steam on the pavement is so much healthier than blowing up at home over something insignificant. It gives me a moment to reflect on how loving my son is and how my daughter tries to be so helpful. It reminds me how quiet my life would be without them. Walking in from my run, feeling refreshed and hearing ‘mommy’s home!’ in excitement confirms my craziness is always worth it. Happy Running!