Running with Kim

Sorry everyone, she is all mine. My girl, Kim is the best running partner, cheerleader and best friend a girl could ask for. I was lucky enough to meet her when she moved in across the street. She mentioned that although she had never ran more than a few miles, running a half marathon was on her bucket list. That’s where it all began. We stared training and the more we ran, the closer we became. Kim had no idea that once you run together, you’re friends for life.

So we did it. Having run half marathons before, I hoped to inspire her and be her support during the race. Instead, she was mine. She pushed me to keep going when I couldn’t keep up with her and finished a minute and a half before me! I was beyond proud of her but sad that I wasn’t able to cross the finish line with her. She believes in me, encourages me, and holds me accountable! Even if she doesn’t realize it!

Her first half marathon without me was the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I knew she would be attacking hills and having moments of struggle so I decided to do it with her. As she started so did I, only 2,000 miles away. I had plenty of opportunities to quit- I wasn’t racing just out for a run. We finished with almost the same exact time. To this day it is easier fore me to get out the door for a run knowing that she is waiting.

Kim was one of the girls who ran the Halloween Brew Haha with me. We were unaware that 131 Events would give us such fun adventures. Let me tell you, I would have never registered for a trail race… in the winter… at night… without her. And then do it again in the summer! Or run in February in the single digit temps to the hardest, hottest, and most memorable race of my life, the SHE Power Half Marathon. Their medals HAD to go on our matching medal racks. Ending each race with a celebratory beer, of course. Cheers!

Does having a running partner keep you accountable? Has your relationship grown beyond the training?