Running with Nicole

Let me introduce myself. I’m originally from Northeast Ohio and currently living outside of Indianapolis, IN with my hubby and 2 kiddos. I started running cross-country and track in 7th grade. Once I reached college I ran to keep from gaining the lovely ‘Freshman 15’ and just as a way to blow off stress. After college, I ran occasionally, got married, moved to a new town and had my son. That’s when I got serious about running. My little guy loved the jogging stroller and I wanted to lose the baby weight. I started running with a couple girls in my neighborhood. This was the first time I ran a local road race. I was there for 3 years then we moved to Indiana and I had my daughter. Running became more of a ‘me’ time since I didn’t own a double jogging stroller. It wasn’t until moving here that I ran a half marathon. With the help of my running partner (you’ll meet her later) I have ventured out of my comfort zone. I still run the occasional large half marathon but really enjoy running for fun with friends, experiencing unique races and earning amazing medals!

My first 131 Events race was the Halloween Brew HaHa 5k with a few of my girl friends. We all dressed up as super heroes. So fun, and hooked! With 131 Event’s races I have ventured out to trail racing, racing at night, racing in frigid temps to scorching humidity. I ran my first ever virtual race, raced for beer (don’t we all?) and my favorite to date the SHE Power Half Marathon. More adventures to come…

Happy Running!